Voices Up: Date Night

So honored to be on Seattle Public Library’s Shelf Talk!

Shelf Talk

Editor’s note: As part of our Seattle Writes series, we invited local writers who participated in author Ann Teplick’s “Voices Up” workshops to submit short pieces (flash fiction and nonfiction) to Shelf Talk. We’re pleased to share this piece with you.

By Tonka Romana

It was late afternoon. I was nervous. I sat there in the hair salon chair rigid and barely spoke. An hour later I was paying for a gorgeous red dress. I remember thinking, “Wow, I bought this with my own money… all mine…just my own.” At home I ran around my room, trying on different shoes. I slipped into my skin tight dress and it felt so good. It felt like it was a part of me, made for me, destined for me to find it and wear it. I tiptoed through the hall and into the garage to ask my roommate to zip me up before he…

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